The Brick Whisperer


I alluded in my last post to motivational interviewing. I’ve dealt with the experience of talking to brick walls far more often in my daily life than in my previous social work career. But to be fair: sometimes when people don’t respond, it’s because my own ideas are too much like half-baked blocks of clay to earn a response. If the converse seems true, that my listeners just seem too fully ‘baked’ to absorb anything I’ve said, the truth is probably often that they are just not motivated to respond with anything in particular.

And as I’ve mentioned, motivation is interpersonal.

So my aspiration (and this word implies that I have to be fully capable of breathing life into myself before sharing – or wasting – my breath with others) is to become someone who is capable of learning the language of bricks (and the walls from which they are built).

Maybe Reagan was a brick-whisperer.


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