With the flourish of…


With the flourish of my fingers on a keyboard, I’ve often changed my destiny. Alienating others who might have had positive influences on my life, introducing myself to those who have become friends or even lovers, writing letters of thanks or apology, praise or scorn, complaint or blessing…

Here’s the thing: In Ireland, it is said that some people have what is known as ‘the gift of the gab’. The implication seems to be that only rare people have this ability. Referring to someone with this gift, though, is not necessarily a compliment, and it could mean they are full of blarney.

So why is it that in our own society, having the gift of the gab is something that is considered a requirement for a young man to flourish in the world (and the sexist implication that young girls should still be silent is not my own preference)? Having the gift of the gab is also often conflated with extroversion — there is actually not a reliable correlation there.

Roxanne (the cousin of Cyrano, not the one with the red light), wanted a lover with this gift of the gab. She imagined that love would flourish if love could be talked about. And indeed, Cyrano knew how to talk about love — he just preferred to do it with the flourish of the quill rather than with his lips and tongue (you know what I mean). But NEITHER Cyrano nor Christian had the kind of gab-gift that Roxanne wanted. So she ended up alone long after both Cyrano and Christian were dead.

I am neither Cyrano nor Christian, but I do feel for them in different ways. Would that I could flourish in life and love without ever having to talk to anyone until I was completely comfortable with them as a soulmate. But that is not how our love- and life- worlds work. I wish I could pen-flourish my way to life-flourishing. But then I would be expected to go on book tours and talk my way around.

So apply all of the above the flourishing of my fingers on piano keys, and you’ll understand how I want to flourish.


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